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How Do I Get Lucky

How Do I Get Lucky – Sometimes when you work hard towards something and then you don’t get it. You want to blame it on luck, and you say other people just got lucky. This can be in a business when you want to get a higher role. There might be one position and 25

How To Not Get Stuck In Life

How To Not Get Stuck In Life – Many people find themselves in life without choices. That’s when they make noise about it how bad things are. Looking at someone’s real-life situation, it could really look like the person doesn’t have choices in their life and that the person is miserable. Life is hard when

Changing Perspective In Life

Changing Perspective In Life – Some people are working on multiple projects and finding time to exercise and socialize. While others seem to be struggling with everything. We all live in the same world, why some people have so many opportunities, and others have to be left with nothing. The answer is perspective. It’s how

Peak Performance Book Summary

Peak Performance Book Summary – Technology has been advancing quickly, and with time, the progress becomes quicker and quicker. And while there are great benefits to technological advancements that are also downsides. Computers, robots, and other forms of artificial intelligence are slowly taking over the job market. Take, for example, online store Amazon that is

What Is Real Motivation?

What Is Real Motivation? – The word motivation starts to lose its meaning and value. We got so much content floating in the online world motivational speeches on YouTube, motivational quotes on Instagram, etc. with that much content, the whole world should be on a huge motivation wave, but it isn’t. People struggle to take

Why I’m Stuck?

Why I’m Stuck? – You wake up in the morning and look at the time, it’s 8:45 a.m. not again I’ve slept in, did I not set up my second alarm. I can’t believe I did it again; this is the third time this week. I really need to stick with my plan and wake

Motivation For Working Out

Motivation For Working Out – We all understand that training is important, but most people choose not to exercise despite all the benefits it offers. And more often than not, people say that they can’t find the motivation to exercise. They want to do it, but they are struggling to start. While others have taken

Move Away And Start A New Life

Move Away And Start A New Life – If was the last time you did something different. And taking a different road to your work because of the roadworks doesn’t count. If was the last time you pushed yourself to look for new opportunities in your life. New work opportunities are expanding your network and

Motivation For Studies

Motivation For Studies – Education is important, we learn from a young age the basic principles of the world. Counting, reading, and writing. And these basic fundamental things help us later in life. But formal education is lasting for years, and many people believe that it is a waste of time. And students themselves are