How To Increase Daily Productivity

How To Increase Daily Productivity – People often find themselves with more things to do than they can handle. This is when they become overwhelmed and lose the motivation to do anything. It is natural for anyone to lose motivation if the workload exceeds the person’s physical capabilities to complete the tasks. But have you ever explored the reasons why it is actually happening? And why do we end up with too many things on our list? Today we’ll go on a journey to explore how it is happening. And I’ll also share a simple strategy that will keep you on the top of the game.

Time Management
Time Management

Imagine the following situation you start your day with a clear plan. And a list of things that you have to complete. You have set up a good working environment. And you also make sure that there are no distractions around you. So you switch off your phone and leave it in another room. As well as block your email, so you don’t get interrupted. Everything seems to be perfect, and there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to complete the things that you plan to do.

So you look at the list, and there are 4 items on it. Write the blogpost, prepare ad Bunner draft, test landing page, or the new headphones. It seems like a reasonable list to deal with and full of motivation you pick up the first item on the list. As you start writing your blog post, you realize that this is the last topic to write about. So you add little task number 5 on your list to come up with a few more topic ideas for your blog to write about. Then halfway through the blog post, you remember that you need to think about the present to your parents. That should be easy as you already have a task to order headphones.

So you add a present for parents to your list. This becomes item number 6 on your list, and you carry on with your writing. Towards the end of your blog post writing, you get a bit hungry. So you decide to make a coffee and sandwich. That’s when you realize that you will need to run to the shop later as you don’t have any milk. Again shopping gets added to your growing list. Then you finish your blog post, and you feel a little bit exhausted as it took more energy than expected.

So instead of starting with the second item on the list, you jump to something easier. Like ordering your headphones or searching for parents present. While shopping online, you get distracted and instead of just getting things that you need. You also start thinking about things that you would like to get. And you end up with only getting your headphones. And not finding the present for parents. After you’re done shopping, you feel completely exhausted as shopping is always using a lot of your energy, even doing it online.

That’s because you always have to resist the temptation, not those things that you would like to have into your shopping basket. You look at your list, and there are still five items to complete. One item more than when you start the list. The problem is that your mental energy is low, and it will be hard for you to continue. This is the point where people usually start to feel overwhelmed. And later give up on their tasks altogether.

So what happened, I guess it’s easy to imagine as the person was continuously adding more and more items on their existing list and making it longer and longer. And it’s not a surprise that the person didn’t complete the list. Because you can’t complete the list if the list is getting longer and longer. And we all are making this mistake by thinking, oh, it’s just a quick thing, and I’ll add it to my list. Because in the end we always lose. That is why you need a strategy that will fix this issue. This little use strategy is called side notes. And I have been using them for the last nine months, here is how it works.

First, you need to prepare the environment, so basically next to your current tasks, you have to create a little area where you’ll write side notes. Or you can just use a sticky note and write them there. Then throughout the day as you bump into the new things that need to be looked at or done. You just add them to the side note and not to your main list. Here is what you do with side notes. Once you complete your main tasks, that are when you take a look at your side notes. If you have any more energy left, then you can work on some of them.

Some things might be bigger, and you might want to reschedule them for upcoming days or weekends. Or some things can be deleted. This is actually quite common for me. I would be in the middle of some other when I come across the new idea, and I suddenly want to explore it. But I have to be able to resist the temptation and continue with my current task. Then once things are done, I often look at the idea, and it doesn’t seem that important anymore. And I can simply cross it out.

Using side notes has tremendously increased my productivity. And my energy levels stay more stable throughout the day, and here is why side notes really work. Firstly you know exactly what you will do, and you will become more organized. When you start your day with the things that you need to do, your body evaluates the approximate effort required to complete the activities. If you start adding new things to the list, then you will start to feel overwhelmed and lose motivation once you realize that there is more work to be done. By using side notes, you will ensure that you complete your initial list with the things. And then you can keep going if you have more energy left.

Secondly, no energy gets wasted; it is easy to start looking at the things around. Because usually, they’re new and therefore seems to be more interesting. Our curious minds get pulled in, and we start to imagine how we will discover something new. And how it is going to be a groundbreaking idea. But this uses a lot of your energy, and you’re almost guaranteed not to complete the things that you were planning to do. And even if you did come up with something groundbreaking, then you can always work on it afterward and explore its potential.

Thirdly you’re in control of your day. When you can resist the temptation to jump around different things and instead develop the discipline to stay focused on things that you plan to do. You will immediately start to control your actions and what you get done every day. And if you can control what you do today, then you can control what happens in your life. Side notes have hugely increased my productivity. And if you’re struggling to complete your daily tasks, then I suggest you give a side note strategy that I tried.