Productive Morning Routine

Productive Morning Routine – Good morning it is 5:50, and my alarm goes off. And the first thing I do is just to lay in bed for a moment have a little stretch before I go over to my window. I always read in the mornings, and I like to keep my book in the windowsill. So that I’m kind of forced out of bed to get it.

Morning Routine
Morning Routine

So I just opened the curtains and took a moment to be grateful for the day that’s out of me. Then I just read for a little while, I’m currently rereading the Harry Potter series, and at the moment I’m reading the half-blood Prince. So I just read one chapter in bed every morning.

And then it’s time actually to get up, so I’ll make my bed, and this is usually the point where I pick out my outfit for the day. And then I put on my very fashionable fuzzy socks and make my way to the bathroom. Then I just do standard bathroom stuff like washing my face. And I also put on some moisturizer for my dry skin, which is very important, especially in winter.

Before I make my breakfast, I usually have a glass of water. It’s perfect for both your health and your metabolism. But most importantly, I just feel like it helps me wake up. Then it is time for breakfast, and this is where I would have liked to show you a super healthy and a studied breakfast. But I usually just have a glass of juice, some rye bread sandwiches and some kind of fruit or vegetable.

While I eat breakfast, I love watching a TED talk. Like I mentioned in my how to be motivated, watching a TED talk, or simply watching someone talk about whatever they are passionate about always gives me a motivational boost. So that’s why I love watching a TED talk before starting my work for the day.

After finishing my breakfast and my TED talk, I love doing some kind of brain training activity to kind of warm-up my brain before I start studying. So I usually do Sudoku crosswords or a riddle. Then it is time to get ready for the day. So I’ll put on my outfit do my hair, and if I feel like it, I’ll put on some light makeup.

Finally, I just like to take a couple of minutes before I start studying just to make a plan for the day. So I’ll write down my to-do list for the day as well as things that I need to remember. And if I haven’t done it the night before, I like making a rough schedule for my day. just so, I know what to do when and so I don’t procrastinate. And then all that’s left is to turn on my forest app, so I don’t get distracted. And then it’s time to start my day. So that is it for this morning routine, I really hope that you liked it.