Schedule Breaks To Be Productive

Schedule Breaks To Be Productive – If there is one thing that you’ll probably hear very often. Then that is the fact that everybody wants more free time. So let’s start with understanding what free time is. According to various sources, free time is the time when you don’t have to work, study, etc. and you can do whatever you want.

To Be Productive
To Be Productive

How many times you have heard people said. If I had more free time, I would read more books, start to work out and build my own business actively. But what people are doing with their free time? Unfortunately, 90% of the people are simply killing their free time when they have it. they screw through social media feeds. Play different games and watch Netflix all weekend long. And after they complain that they don’t have any free time.

Now the question is if those same people would have more free time, would they be doing something different? I don’t think so. I think that even more time would be wasted, which would lead to even more frustration and dissatisfaction. So maybe the problem is not the free time but your perception of time. The fact is that all your time is free and you can choose whatever you want to do with it. Today we’ll take a look at the Jeff Sanders book called the free time formula. To improve your time management and become more productive, so let’s dive in.

Number One Prioritize Effectively

Everyone knows that they need to prioritize the most important things to achieve the results that they desire. But there are a few important things to note. When people have many things that they need to work on, they start to prioritize to separate important things from less important ones. Then you end up with two lists. Priority lists and lists with everything else. But that is not enough; you also need to know what is priority 1, priority 2, etc.

Basically, things become very complicated. One way to make prioritization simple is to think about it as a single thing. There can be only one thing that is most important at any given time. And that is a thing that you should be focusing on. Another important factor to be productive is to buy into the task or activity that you’re doing. That is the best way how to be successful with your task. Way too often, people work on things that they don’t believe in. And that results in poor performance and poor results. When you’re working on your new marketing strategy for your business. You have to believe that it will work. By doing that, you’ll give you a 100% effort, and in the end, you also get results.

Number Two Have A Good Exercise Plan

A short but intensive workout plan is the best way of making time for both work and exercise. Exercise should be in the center of your day rather than just a component of your day. Because exercise will increase your energy levels and make you more productive. So instead of thinking where can I squeeze exercise in today like it would be another thing to do. You have to include it as one of the main things in your day.

Exercise is a great way to start today, so why not start your day with a great morning run and get your energy levels high. And don’t worry, exercise will not eat hours of your time. Exercise can be short and still deliver huge benefits. What holds many people back from exercise is the following. They think that exercise equals the gym, you don’t need fancy equipment. You can go for a run or perform a bodyweight workout. When starting to workout, start gentle, and then increase intensity. And you’ll be amazed how energized you feel after short an intensive workout session.

Number Three Declutter Your Life

Having a messy environment is making it hard for us to be productive and get things done. So let’s take a look at three things that you should declutter. First, declutter your physical life; this includes unused closes, furniture, and stuff that you don’t need in your life. More stuff you have around you more decisions you’ll have to make. What clothes should I wear today? Wear to put this new picture frame that I just purchased. What is most important that every decision you make will use your energy. The energy that you should be investing in getting closer to your goals.

Second, declutter your digital life. Do you need hundreds of applications? Or you could simply apply the 8020 principles and delete 80% of them. That you don’t use or that are wasting your time. The same goes for cleaning up your computer and cloud storage. make sure you arrange everything in the folders. And archive things that you don’t use anymore.

Third, declutter your mind, start to note things down. so you don’t have to keep them in your mind. this will give you so much needed. They for creative tasks that you have to tackle. also don’t leave decisions hanging. make a decision and move on. you might ask but what if I make a wrong decision. well, then fix it, but don’t leave it hanging.

Number Four Theme Your Days

having a good structure throughout the week is a sure way to be productive and stay on the top of the game. author schedule goes as follows, Mondays are for podcasting. Tuesdays are for marketing, Wednesdays for education, Thursdays to tackle admin tasks, Fridays for meetings, Saturdays for health and exercise and Sundays are for family. each day should have the main activity and then some additional tasks related to this theme. this will keep you focused and productive.

Number Five Just In Case Lists

Once in a while, things will not go according to plan. When this happens, people are not ready for it. And usually end up wasting time instead of taking advantage of it. Let’s say that you had planned to have a meeting on Friday with a client. but of course, the client canceled the meeting at the last minute. Now you end up with an hour of free time. but instead of jumping on the next task, you decide to check out your social media, and your time is gone. If this happens just in case lists can come handy. This can be a list of a few things that you would like to do when you have a spare minute. Or you can have a book handy to read.

Number Six Rejuvenation Is A Major Hack

Downtime isn’t a luxury but a necessity. If you want to stay productive for extended periods. Sure, if you have a milestone to hit in two weeks, then you can probably squeeze out 15 hour days. Because you’re excited, but what will happen after that. Well, you’ll probably be exhausted and need time to recover. For a long-term approach, this is not sustainable. The best way to stay at peak productivity is to include downtime in your schedule. And you don’t have to schedule hours of your time for rest. It can be a simple five to 15-minute break every hour or so. will you let your brain to catch the breath.